Wood Engravings and Lino Cuts

Vera learnt the art of wood engraving in the late 1920’s from Eric Fitch Daglish.  Daglish was a naturalist and wood engraver who lived not far from Vera in the Buckinghamshire Chilterns. He specialised in plants, birds and animals and illustrated many of his own books.

Vera also specialised in nature. She printed her engravings by hand, producing limited editions of 25. She exhibited her first wood engraving –the cat –in 1928 and included 15 new engravings in her solo exhibition the next year. In the 1930’s she also exhibited with the Society of Wood Engravers, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

In the 1930’s Vera extended her range to colour prints on lino, very fine work of considerable technical difficulty as she often used as many as seven different blocks.  She produced her final wood engraving, also of cats, in 1954.

In 2007 on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition of her work held at the Millinery Gallery, limited series from five of her engravings were produced from the original blocks.

Wood Engravings:

Enlarge Original wood block used for Oyster Catchers